How to take care of ears and what to know about hearing treatment in Kolkata

Ears are one of the five senses. Ears help in hearing and also maintaining body balance. They need special care. They should be cleaned regularly and kept safe from injury and noise. Otherwise, they can malfunction and even lead to hearing impairment. Some ailments and medications can also affect hearing. Here are some important facts on how to keep your ears healthy.


Cleaning ears is a must

  • Clean the ears with special care, on a regular basis. While the outer ear may be cleaned with tissue or washcloth, putting anything small like Q-tips, sharp pointed objects and bobby pins into the ears is a big NO-NO as they may cause injury to the eardrum or ear canal.
  • Ear has its own cleaning mechanism. It uses earwax for cleansing. However if it is causing any inconvenience to hearing, visit an ENT chamber for hearing treatment in Kolkata and get the wax removed.
  • If you are having pain or itching in the ear, your primary healthcare provider may recommend needed treatment and also refer to a specialist, if required.
  • For pierced ears, cleaning the earlobes and earrings with rubbing alcohol regularly.

Take care of your ears

  • Get the ears checked regularly by a general physician. Get the hearing checked by an ENT specialist or audiologist in case you are facing any issues with hearing.
  • Apply sunscreen on the ears while you are exposed to direct sunlight.
  • If you find any unusual scaly areas or bumps on exterior ear, don’t get late to consult a physician.
  • Seeking ear treatment in Kolkata is the only option if there is any injury in the ears that causes pain or hearing issues.
  • Use helmet while biking, skiing or on a roller blade as all of these activities may put you at the risk for head and ear injury.
  • Earplugs with filters are a must to equalise the air pressure in your ears at the time of air travel.
  • Visit a doctor on an immediate basis, if you are feeling tinnitus, noise within head or ears. This is not something caused by any external sound source.

Hearing treatment in Kolkata may be tried out if you are having any issues with your ears and hearing, as already mentioned. With advancement of medical science, hearing issues, even impairment can be prevented. All it needs to take proper and regular care.


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